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When I started three months ago, I knew nothing about the guitar. Thanks to Esteban, I am now working my way through Villa Lobos’ Prelude No. 3, with Prelude No. 4 on the horizon.

I am also progressing steadily through the first Christopher Parkening method book and have just started the book of major and minor scales by Segovia.

-Steve Brown

I’ve been taking lessons for about 3 years now and his teaching skills, and flexibility are unmatched. He has helped me boost my guitar skills to points I didn’t think I could reach.

Since taking lessons I’ve learned alot about music theory and improvisation.

His lessons are phenomenal and have far exceeded all past teachers I’ve had.

The investment in lessons was most definitely worth it and I advise taking lessons to any aspiring guitar player

– Marcus Lehman

My teenage son has taken lessons from Esteban for about two years. We chose Esteban after listening to him perform all the styles he’s expert in – rock, classical, Spanish – all over the Treasure Valley and hearing from friends he is a great teacher.

My son loves choosing what to play with guidance from Esteban. I love how Esteban works in what every guitarist should know even while my son thinks *he’s* the one in the driver’s seat. 🙂

Esteban is an expert artist, performer, teacher and technician. Plus my son thinks he’s the bomb-diggity. We’re lucky to have him in our area – if he’s got an opening, take it!

I would definitely recommend lessons with Esteban to any guitarist of any level of any age.

– Briana LeClaire

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